Who's On Top?

My name is Lucas. I'm not afraid to tell you that much. Part of me wishes I had a cute pen name like a lot of the other gay bloggers out there, but it's a little late for that.

I am a writer, performer, and sex educator livin' it up (more or less) in New York City. What does that mean? Well, I sell sex toys for a living (which is beyond awesome). And when I'm not doing that, I'm either on a stage somewhere...probably in my underwear... or here, recording my observations of LGBT culture and sexuality.

Sex has always mystified me. Although I was a bit of a prudish youth, and clung to my innocence like a baby to his blanket, there was a sexual energy burning within me from a very early age. Even though I came out at fifteen (an early bloomer), and swapped a good amount of spit over the next couple of years, I did not lose my virginity until I reached official adulthood.

However, as soon as I moved to New York City for college, I got right to work. I was making out with strangers, going home with reality TV figures (well, one...), taking naughty pictures of myself, and making all kinds of bad decisions. I mean...the good kind of bad decisions. You know what I mean, right?

Now that I've gotten all of that mess out of the way, I'm much more focused in my sexual exploration. Not to sound pretentious, but it's almost become an art form for me.

Meanwhile, my brain does occasionally wander to other things (you know how your mind tends to wander off to dirty places? Mine's always in a dirty place, and it occasionally goes somewhere else). My main focus is on the mental and physical construction of the gay man. What makes us tick? Ya gotta admit...we're a pretty fucked up bunch.

If you're as fascinated as I am by our species, than perhaps there's something in here for you! Only one way to find out...

- Lucas,
Top to Bottom