February 22, 2013

Talks with the Top

Over the last week, the lovely people from FRIGID New York set me (and the other shows, of course) up with some awesome publicity opportunities to promote our shows. A couple of these were in video format, and I have embedded them below for your delight. First up, we have my interview with Maxamoo from last week's local snapshots show.

Then, yesterday, I got interviewed by this woman with an amazing accent for StageBuddy.com.

Sorry about the bitch face at the beginning. I was totally happy to be there, I swear!

I hope this inspires you to buy your tickets, if you haven't already! This festival is going to be incredible, and the more people get to experience it, the better for everyone. Art for all!

1 comment:

  1. A play like that for your senior thesis?? Wow!
    I'm glad you're out there saying something about it though. This world is drowning in stereotypes. It's important that we speak up as individuals.