February 27, 2013

Bend Over, Big Boy

Overall, my experiences with Scruff have been pretty positive. For the two years that I've used it I've found that I'm generally more well-received than I am on the rivaling application Grindr, which has recently been more aggressively bombarding me with ads for Botox when I log in. Charming.

However, since I transformed my Scruff profile into a travelling advertisement for my one-man show, some conversations have arose that left me feeling deeply disappointed in the app's customer body. I thought I had left these interactions behind several years ago, but apparently homosexual homo sapiens have not evolved as much as I had thought.

Last week I posted this conversation on my Facebook wall, and was utterly thrilled by the uproar it caused.

To be fair, the guy apologized for coming off as rude, but is the pairing of my size and position that inconceivable

Then, earlier today, this exchange occurred.

I'm not gonna lie... The only reason I carry on these conversations with these guys is so I can screencap them and post them online. It's totally sketch, but it's for educational purposes, so I'm not ashamed.

To those who are thinking of suggesting that I am bringing these accusations upon myself, I'm not the only one. Why, a friend of mine send me this conversation from earlier this very morning.

What an asswipe, right? And topping it all off (no pun intended) with a smiley face! Couldn't ya just vom? Said friend is 5'6", so we aren't too far off from each other. I just can't comprehend how an oppressed sexual minority can so blatantly box a person (and himself!) that way.

Gays, it's time to grow up.

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  1. I'm rolling my eyes right along with you. These guys are either immature or they like to yank people's chains (figurtively, as in annoy them ;-)

    And there are homos out there who aren't turned on by the hide the sausage position and to them all this is gibberish anyway.