January 22, 2013

The Business End of Things

No, I'm not talking about my butt. Or somebody else's. I wish I was. It's been a while since I've had a close encounter with somebody else's business end.

PEOPLE! One this day we are officially one month away from the opening night of "VGL 5'4" Top" in the Frigid Festival! Can you stand the anticipation? No? Good. That's the way I like it. Of course, the week of opening is most definitely the most stressful part of any show, whether you're a performer, director, producer, writer, or whatever. And when three of those jobs belong to one person? Terrifying doesn't even begin to cut it. I highly encourage all of you to make notes in your calendars to "give Lucas lots and lots of hugs" from February 17-22, because that's when my first major New York City run begins.

Of course, if there is a runner up for the title of Most Stressful Week in Theatrical Production, this may be it. Before I step out on that stage, I gotta make sure someone's there to see it, right? So that's what I'm up to this week. PUBLICITY. Butts in the seats. My fingers literally feel like they may detach themselves from my body and run away after all of the press releases I sent out yesterday and today. But there are already listings going up, which means my hard work is paying off.

There is no such thing as too much publicity though! So if you or someone you know have press connections of the theatrical and/or gay-related variety, holler at me and I'll send you my PR materials. And if you're simply looking forward to being in the audience, tickets are on sale now!

I may be a bit off my rocker for the moment, but I can already tell that this is going to be a fantastic run, and I hope you all get to be a part of it!

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  1. I'll give your lots of hugs... just be wary of wandering hands. Break a leg :-) It is frigid up here in Boston, btw.