January 16, 2013

I Think I'd Rather Misbehave

Something I learned about myself during my college years is that boundaries are not my strong suit, primarily in the professional sense. When it comes to respecting them and behaving myself, I'd give myself a B+, but inside my dirty little fantasies I earn a D at the very best.

I first made this discovery during my first semester of college, when I had my first hot, gay teacher. I would have been completely content to simply sneak glances at his pectorals as they threatened to pop the buttons off his shirts, but somewhere along the line he took to a certain flirtatious behavior with me as well. This was when it became clear to me that professional boundaries were not as solid as institutions would like us to believe.

Despite my hopeful hormones, I maintained my clean record through a two-and-a-half year career as an R.A. and two semesters with another handsome gay teacher who offered me way more attention, physical and otherwise, than the previously mentioned one. That doesn't mean it was easy though. Throughout those 2.5 year there were at least a dozen adorable young gentlemen living under my very roof that I had to imagine as completely nonsexual beings. And the teacher, well, let's just say most guys who give me a welcome wink don't stay clothed for more than a couple hours after. I should have received a medal, dammit.

Once college was over, I assumed this problems were in my past. For the most part, they were. I did manage to take a tumble with a former dorm resident a couple years after college, and maintain a bit of infrequent communication with both of said hot teachers (nothing naked...yet) but my record remains rather admirable, if I do say so myself.

But every now and then, another test comes along... a cute customer approaches me at work, I interview a hotty for a writing project, I participate in some survey conducted by a handsome fellow... and those professional boundaries bite me in the ass again. And those moments are when I ask myself two questions:
1. Are these boundaries really that important? Do that many people really pay attention to them?
2. Am I really that into you, or am I simply turned on by the taboo?

I don't think it's the taboo that turns me on, but I won't deny that I love the idea of a man who would break a big rule to get in my pants. And sometimes it seems like certain rules are created with the sole purpose of making their breakage even more erotic.

Who else has similar experiences? Anybody else wanna tell tales outta school, so to speak?

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