March 26, 2012

Sheer XELLEnce: An Interview with XELLE

At the end of last year, I conducted an interview with my homegirls JC Cassis, Rony G, and Mimi Imfurst, who make up the girl group (with something extra) XELLE. The full article will be featured in the next issue of One-Way Magazine, but I didn't want to keep the lovely ladies waiting any longer, so I'm giving you the raw, unedited, but no less fabulous version of our conversation, and it goes a little something like this.

How did the three of you meet? What were you doing before XELLE?

We met one night at a karaoke party in a bar in Chelsea. Mimi was hosting the party, and when she heard Rony and JC each sing songs individually, she demanded that the two of them come up and sing a song with her, and after we sang together that first time, we decided to create XELLE. Superstar producer Zach Adam was in the audience that night, saw our performance, and decided to produce and write music with us. It was a lucky night!

Before XELLE, Rony was a singer-songwriter with a single released on Sony, Mimi was sitting on top of the New York nightlife scene as one of the city's top drag queens, and JC was an underground dance-pop diva performing all over the city. Now the three of us have come together to form a pop supergroup and there's no looking back!

Do you have any individual projects happening outside of XELLE at the moment?
XELLE is our focus, because we know we're going to take over the world!

Amen! I always like to know the story behind someone's name. What's the story behind 'XELLE'?
XELLE fits who we are in so many different ways. X-elle works for the girl-group-with-a-twist meaning, XL represents how we like to do everything big, including our fashion, our music, our shows and our videos. And "excel" is what we do in every aspect of our lives!

I've noticed you direct a lot of your tweets at "Royalty"... Who might that be?
The Royalty is our fans. We are queens, but our fans rule their own worlds as well. We want our fans to look at themselves and see kings and queens, princes and princesses. We want them to know that they were born great and can "XELLE" in everything they do. That's what makes them Royalty. Plus, they have the best taste in music!

Cliche question alert: Who do you derive your inspiration from?
We love artists who break boundaries and see no limits for their creativity. We love the daring of Alexander McQueen, the fierceness of Beyonce, the unforgettable melodies of ABBA and Queen and the moves of Michael Jackson. We're inspired by anyone who never settles for less than the best.

I know that you three have travelled and performed a lot  in a very short time! Do you have any favorite moments or gigs thus far?
We have had a huge amount of fun and adventures in our time together. We loved opening for Salt n' Pepa, and doing our show in front of thousands while headlining Chicago Pride. We had an incredible time filming the Party Girl video, and we were all so excited to see the video debut on Perez Hilton, MTV and LOGO. There have been a lot of dream-come-true moments so far, and there will be a ton more coming up this year...

What can we expect from XELLE in the near future?
We have just begun pre-production on our next video for our new single, Hologram, which is on iTunes starting on November 29th. This music video is going to blow people away, and it will also be the biggest project we've ever undertaken. We wish we could say more, but we don't want to spoil the surprise! Other than that, there will be more music, more tours, more videos...and there might be a lot more XELLE invading your TV pretty soon...

I have no doubt that you've already seen XELLE's fantastic videos for "Party Girl" and "Invincible", but you can always do like I do and watch them again and again and again on their Youtube channel. Otherwise, you should definitely keep yourself on all of XELLE's other goings on at! I don't know about you, but I am wetting myself in anticipation of this "Hologram" video!

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