February 29, 2012

Toys for Boys: Tor II

Few things in this line of work are more exciting than being sought out by a company and asked to review a brand new product, so when Lelo invited me to review their brand spanking new Tor II, I peed a little. I've been a fan of Lelo's products for a long time (see Billy), so this was quite a pleasure.

Fresh out of the box, the Tor II was already winning me over. As always, the smooth silicone was hard to keep my hands off of. But it wasn't until I actually sat down to record my review that I realized what a huge improvement this was from the old Tor. The original was also silicone, but a lot more rubbery. This new material was soft and silky and absolutely delicious.

When I went to use it, however, I was a bit nervous. I hadn't had the best experience with the first generation. It was pretty and all, and a great concept, but it was way too tight, and quite frankly, it hurt. So when I slipped on the Tor II (with a bit of struggle, I must admit) I was in awe of how comfortable it was. Seriously. I could definitely wear this thing for a very long time and not be in any pain. I might even call it...cozy.

Then I turned it on, and well, my world was rocked. I never really thought of the first Tor as not strong, but this guy...wow. The old one was strong for a vibrating cock ring, but this one packs the punch of a full-size vibrator. I've only used it by myself thus far (which, despite advertisements, is still an option) but I can't imagine a partner not enjoying this too.

The Tor II is definitely something to be excited about. In fact, you could order yours from Lelo right now by clicking below.

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  1. Um, the original Tor (and the Bo) were *never* silicone, they were TPR which wasn't non-porous.